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Yard Management System (YMS)

Manage yard spots, shipments, trailers, gates, inventory, personnel, work orders, and any equipment using state-of-the-art handheld scanners, RFID and back-office software solutions that integrate with import, export, trucking and warehouse operations

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Manage In Gate and Out Gate activity automatically and according to your specific procedures at each facility.

  • Configure specific processes for checking equipment and drivers in and out when required.
    • For example, customize In Gate and Out Gate workflow according to purpose of visit.
    • Support unique In Gate and Out Gate processes with automated check lists for gate tender.
  • Capture In Gate and Out Gate information electronically, eliminating redundant data entry and errors.
  • Attach In Gate documentation electronically and store for audit and review.
  • Easily attach photos documenting containers or damaged equipment to In Gate file.
  • Trigger workflow, alerts, communications, and tasks upon a trailer entering the facility.
  • Customize triggered workflow based on any criteria such as customer, commodity, and more. 

Constantly monitor the progression of shipments and understand whether your yard is operating on schedule using our yard management software. Automatically update shipment information and share it with relevant parties. Trigger custom tasks or workflows based on custom events. Prioritize shipments so that they can be processed faster according to customer needs, delays, etc. Have access to all shipment information and documentation just a click away. Share relevant information with employees, drivers, and trading partners. 

Manage trailers, tractors, reefers, vehicles and other equipment. Know how many trailers are available for shipping, how long a trailer has been idle, and much more. Keep track of rented equipment. Know when it needs to be returned. Trigger alerts and workflows in order to ensure equipment is returned on time.

Maintain constant visibility over the quantity of available, used, and out of service containers and spots in your yard. Set up custom business rules along with alerts and events to trigger specific processes when availability changes. Our yard management software enables you to literally stay on top of your yard space and containers.

Yard storage is calculated automatically according to previously defined customer rates. Define invoice cycle for container storage, reefer plug-in, equipment rental, and extra services.

Shuttle and flip management for all equipment entering and leaving the yard or container depot.

Set container holds and inspections for Maintenance, USDA, Customs, Specific customer, etc.

Eliminate unnecessary expenses. Easily keep track of container last free day and return your containers on time. Set up automatic alerts as container return day approaches. Notify appropriate parties and trigger specific business processes based on custom rules and timing. Configurable detention and demurrage tool provides detailed container information regarding pickup and return. 

Managing equipment is key to operating a successful yard. Our yard management system prioritizes giving you access to any data about all of your equipment. You'll never have to search for a container, trailer, or chassis again. Click on any piece of equipment in the yard map and see all of the detail regarding that equipment. 

  • Easily search for any piece of equipment in your yard and locate it in seconds
  • Know the status and condition of everything in your yard at all times
  • Create custom fields to fit your unique business process
  • Choose which fields are prioritized and displayed

Create an interactive 2-dimensional model of your real-world yard and then use it to manage your operations, equipment, and more at the click of a button. This intuitive user interface is easy to use and puts your yard data at your fingertips.

  • Configure and display multiple yard maps
  • Add a warehouse to coordinate and visualize dock activity.
  • Use a color coded birds eye view to easily understand more information about the status of your yard, equipment, and spaces. For example:
    • See how long each trailer has been at your facility.
    • See which spaces are busy, available, reserved, or out of service.
  • Add custom data points to fit your needs
  • Reconfigure your yard as it changes or grows.

Logistics requires keeping track of multiple documents and communicating information between multiple parties. You can attach any documents (Bills of Lading, EIR, Packing Lists, etc.) and photos (to note damages, container numbers, etc.) to any piece of equipment. These documents are then easily accessible in the dashboard by users with appropriate permissions. You can create custom documentary procedures to fit your business process.

The database is at your disposal to create simple, or extremely detailed functional reports. Integrate with our other modules or your own systems for more detailed and comprehensive reports. For example, connect the Silver Bullet YMS to a TMS or WMS for even more functionality and reporting possibilities. Create an infinite number of reports at commodity, customer, branch, or any level. We'll train you to pull any custom report your teams need to understand your business and make strategic choices.

Data entry is time consuming, requires unnecessary labor, and is prone to error. Often times, companies receiving information from partners will have to input that information into the system manually. Other times, when a shipment moves from one mode of transportation to another, some shipment information will have to be re-entered instead of simply automatically updating the shipment. A smartly integrated and automated system can reduce cost, error, and increase efficiency and quality of customer service.

  • Utilize EDI, XML, Excel and other forms of data imports to reduce data entry.
  • Customers, steamship lines and trucking companies can provide data electronically regarding incoming and outgoing equipment.
  • Scale integration, no manual weight entry required.
  • Bar coded equipment and yard spots allow for quick and easy verification and data entry

Electronically register the in and out gates of equipment with no human interaction required. RFID and image recognition capabilities can be added to your workflow through custom business processes and automatically managed in our yard management software. 

Managing an efficient yard operation requires handling many different processes, assets, and communications. Automated alerts and notifications allow yard facilities to keep track of all the moving parts and to know immediately when a change needs to happen in order for operations to keep running smoothly. Alerts, notifications, and triggerable procedures can be completely configured and defined by you. For example, you can alert relevant parties, send emails, text alerts, notifications, and trigger job functions for:

  • Reefer management-plugin
  • Reefer temp control
  • Dispatch and arrival
  • Detention and demurrage
  • Equipment loaded and ready
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Appointments for certain jobs in 15 minutes or some other time frame
  • Reassignments if driver has not checked in
  • Updates of shipper instructions eliminating special handling errors
  • and unlimited possibilities

Create customizable events, milestones, business processes and dashboards.

  • Unlimited dashboards allow users to update data and events for multiple loads, tasks and processes on a single screen.
  • Always know the status of any shipment or piece of equipment with customer defined statuses and events
  • Manage refrigerated, bulk, liquid, containers, and trailers of any size and type of conveyance

We offer a desktop application for office functions, reporting, and issuing work orders. We offer a web application that can run on handheld devices for convenient field use.

Just because you manage a yard, doesn't mean you operate like everybody else. Our yard management system enables customers to capitalize on their unique business process by creating custom work orders. These work orders can then be automated, tracks, and managed from without our yard management system. 

  • Create and define work orders for all yard jobs and functions:
    • Equipment moves
    • Shuttles
    • Maintenance Orders
    • Reefer and Generator Checks
    • Yard Checks
    • Flips and Swaps
    • and many more
  • Each work order may have any number of custom "To Do's" that can be required or optional
  • Adjust the priority of each work order or work order type for an individual work order or group

Increase operational efficiency and reduce managerial overhead by managing employee workflow automatically around resources and job functions such as:

  • Hostler
  • Gate
  • Yard Check
  • Fueling
  • Etc.

Being able to trace your business processes allows you to monitor and refine your operations as well as resolve issues quickly. With our yard management system, keep track of equipment logs, yard location logs, user logs, and work order logs. Everything in Silver Bullet is logged so you always have a history of everything that happens for all equipment and users.

Prevent errors and keep your operations running smoothly by setting specific permissions for specific users. Users only have access to features when given rights to those features. Create custom user roles that fit your organizational structure. Create exceptions for users with unique responsibilities.

Aerial drone view on warehouse and logistic center. Logistic and transport concept

Complete yard management software

Dramatically improve distribution center performance

Our yard management system offers a complete solution for distribution centers managing gates, docks, yard, inventory, personnel, equipment and all related operations. Companies can configure our system to fit their unique workflow, business processes, and data/communication needs. Custom alerts, events, and easy integrations allow for streamlined operations involving multiple parties or partners. Our solutions contain deep functionality that address all of the needs of any yard operation. Manage yard moves, workers, equipment status, shipment status, invoicing, accounting procedures, and more. Keep all of this information at your fingertips with customizable dashboards and detailed yard maps that model your yard in real time.

Operate more efficiently

Identify opportunities and optimize

Operating efficiently is key to optimally utilizing your yard facility. Being able to quickly and easily locate assets, check asset status, communicate with hands-on personnel, and notify relevant parties like trading partners about updates and changes to shipments allows for increased throughput, reduction in errors, and happier customers.

Optimize asset utilization

Reduce detention/demurrage fees

Prioritize tasks and shipments

Identify and reduce bottlenecks

Increase spotter productivity

Increase throughput

Reduce dwell time



In Gate and Out Gate


Dock Workers

Dock Doors



Yard & Shuttle Trucks


Invoicing & Accounting

Single or multiple sites

Many clients

User level security

Real time visibility

Custom business processes

Partner Integrations

Custom business rules

Events, Alerts, Exceptions

Streamline operations

Manage everything in your yard

Our container yard software streamlines your operations by integrating shipper instructions with carrier events, dispatch services, marine terminal data and operator performance.  It reduces liability by tracking events in real time, reconciling performance to bench marks, and alerting management with exception reports.  Real time integration with your financial accounting system simplifies invoicing and financial oversight.



Scale vertically

Easily add more sites, users, and customers to your software. You pay nothing when adding new sites, customers, or increasing shipment volume.


Scale horizontally

Want to manage trucking, warehousing, importing, or exporting? Easily offer new services to clients by adding a module.

Aerial drone view on warehouse and logistic center. Logistic and transport concept


Our yard module can be integrated with our trucking, warehouse, or import/export modules to create a seamless, integrated supply chain solution.

worker tagging boxes in warehouse for processing by logistics management system


Our warehouse module can integrate with our yard module to help coordinate dock activity, manage consolidations, deconsolidations, cold storage, customs exams, bonded goods, and more.

Fork life placing container on truck using logistics software solutions


Our trucking module can pick up where our yard and warehouse modules leave off by getting a shipment to a port or to its final destination.


Import & Export

Whether you're bringing shipments into the country our sending them out, our software modules allow you to deconsolidate shipments for distribution or consolidate shipments for export.

Integrate with a TMS, WMS & more

Connect the dots between operations. Eliminate silos in your organization.

Just because a shipment has left your yard, warehouse, vessel, or truck, doesn't mean it should leave your database or software system. Using different software solutions from different vendors to manage distinct transportation modes can create complexity, an integration challenge, and limitations on efficiency and growth. Eliminate redundant data entry and silos in your organization by using a solution that comprehensively meets your business needs and allows you to manage all operations from a single database.

A configurable platform

Modules that simplify your business

We've built a powerful, configurable software platform for logistics service providers. Our yard management system (YMS) is one component in this platform. Use our YMS on a stand alone basis, or integrate it with other components such as a Warehousing, Trucking, or Freight Forwarding module. Each component can be customized to fit your unique business processes, and data, communication, and finance needs. Enjoy the flexibility to expand into new service areas by just adding a module. All modules work from a single database, creating an efficient and simple platform for your business with extensive integration and reporting capabilities.

Modern logistics center, white van and trailers standingon ramp

Easily configure any module

Automate, Refine, Repeat

One of the core software design principles at Silver Bullet Technologies is flexibility.  Our software is built to accommodate many of your unique needs out of the box. Easy to customize software empowers companies to differentiate themselves with their unique business process and refine those processes over time. We believe that software can be a differentiating asset that gives companies a competitive edge while allowing them to continue to define and refine the way they do business. That's why we help every customer configure our software to their unique needs and goals.  From integrations, to billing, to admin, to workflow - doing so is fast and efficient in a software platform that has been designed to be flexible at its core.

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