Yard Management System

The best yard management software for large LSPs

The yard software from Silver Bullet Technologies dramatically improves distribution center performance.

Our yard management software integrates shipper instructions with carrier events, dispatch services, marine terminal data and operator performance.  Silver Bullet Technologies’ yard management system reduces liability by tracking events in real time, reconciling performance to bench marks and alerting management with exception reports.  The utility of the module is further enhanced with real time integration to the financial accounting system.

System Features:

  • In Gate and Out Gate data is captured electronically eliminating redundant entry and errors
  • In Gate and Out Gate work flow customized according to purpose of visit
  • Unique In Gate and Out Gate processes supported with automated check lists for gate tender
  • Shuttle and flip management for all equipment entering and leaving the yard or container depot
  • In Gate documentation electronically attached for audit and review.  Photos documenting containers or damaged equipment are easily linked to In Gate file.
  • User definable events, fields, and statuses
  • Inventory control of all containers and spots
  • Yard storage calculated automatically according to previously defined customer rates
  • User definable invoice cycle for container storage, reefer plug-in, equipment rental and extra services
  • Track equipment and create business rules for exit permissions

Business partner integrations including ASN’s, XML and EDI

  • Monitor and alert related parties in real time
    • Dispatch and arrival
    • Reefer management-plug in and temp control
    • Detention
    • Equipment maintenance
  • Improve management of detention and demurrage with user definable alerts
  • Real time updates of shipper instructions eliminates special handling errors
  • Yard activity can be integrated across the platform to include CFS, bonded, 3PL, Exams and more from our yard management system

Financial Accounting integration

  • All billable yard activity automatically updates receivables

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