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Import Ocean, Air, Trucking

Quick and precise import control is supported with advanced logistics management functionality. Shipping and transport event status for activity with carriers, vendors, and related parties is continually updated with embedded EDI integrations in our logistics business software. Demurrage and per diem costs are actively managed and eliminated. These supply chain solutions are engineered on a flexible framework allowing rapid, efficient customizations.

Export Ocean, Air, Trucking

Export shipment operations are fully automated and tracked with dynamic exception reporting to improve shipping and logistics management performance. Accelerated export shipment processing improves customer relationships. Bookings, AWBs and MBL instructions are transmitted electronically from a unique, intuitive logistics software user interface. Carrier portals are available with optional pre-defined integrations that stand up quickly so that your freight forwarding software works for you.

Warehouse, CFS & Bonded

Organize efficient freight consolidations and/or de-vans optimizing dock operations with our leading-edge logistics software. Use our Warehouse Management System to increase warehouse revenue and turn capacity by enforcing work order accountability and reducing communication obstacles. Enable warehouse personnel, traffic staff and customers to anticipate shipments with access to real time data on all moves down to the SKU in our Transportation Management System.


Make the business of your customer your specialty with comprehensive, adaptable inventory control. Temperature controlled shipping is supported. Handle vertical market requirements globally (hazmat, perishables, pharma, etc.) and support the customers of your clients with advanced logistics software technology. Visibility at SKU level by shipment improves your performance.


With our logistics software, track movement, location, storage and status of all equipment and drivers in your yard. Integrate this data with all other supply chain and logistics services you provide. Automatically monitor reefer status with alerts programmed to notify parties managing the shipment. Send in and out gate information automatically to carriers and other stakeholders to better manage per-diem costs.


Quote, schedule, process and report in real time on freight loads for rail, air, truck and marine shipments in our freight forwarding software. Manage Transload work flow and define any type of work order to better capture and invoice specific logistics activity. Improve quote to bill velocity with real time financial accounting integrations. Keep shipping customers satisfied by offering visibility on load status and location.

Project Forwarding

Manage your shipping and transportation logistics in all modes. Control and monitor specialized freight forwarding services with customizations developed according to your specifications. Automate specialized supply chain services like heavy haul and lift and place. Process detailed freight documentation, append BOL’s with specific project related documentation and reconcile to project critical paths with managed milestones within the logistics software dashboard.

Centralized Exams

When warehouse operators are appointed as Centralized Exam Stations by CBP the opportunity can be fully leveraged with this specialized wms system which is already in use at the largest US ports. Each exam type is fully automated with a flexible logistics business process that has been refined over 10 years and more than 1 million inspections. CES exam transactions are fully mapped to the financial accounting system with an integration that enables immediate invoicing and efficient management of Exams operations.


Improve harbor trucking operations with a user friendly supply chain solution that controls trucks, chassis and drivers. Enhance revenue capture and collections with automated billing. Drive out per-diem and demurrage costs with automated exception alerts that are sent internally and to customers. Customized work flow is simplified by our flexible logistics software that accommodates special requirements.

About Silver Bullet Technologies Logistics Software

A recognized Microsoft Gold Certified Application Developer


Since 1999 we have been developing logistics business software for international forwarders, NVO’s, 3PL’s and enterprise level shippers and distributors. Our logistics and supply chain software solution suite has expanded to meet related customer requirements in warehousing, yard management, Trans-Loading, drayage and centralized exams. All of our logistics and freight forwarding software include specific functionality for perishable freight management.


Customers prize the advanced functionality and intuitive user interface of our transportation management software. Our flexible design accommodates customizations that are rapidly deployed. Today there are 12 modules for distinct logistics operations that can be delivered as stand-alone applications or combined as a completely automated freight forwarding software solution.


The Silver Bullet logistics software applications can be easily integrated with any financial accounting application. As a Microsoft partner, we have specialized our supply chain technology solutions with unique, real time data integration with the Dynamics products GP and AX. Our freight forwarding software company has been a Gold Certified Microsoft Applications Developer since 2005.

Award Winning

In 2006, Microsoft recognized Silver Bullet Technologies with their Pinnacle Award for outstanding achievement with a major freight forwarder. In 2011, Microsoft again recognized our company with a Customer Excellence Award for Innovation with a west coast customs exams site. Leading-edge freight forwarding software and customer service are our specialties.

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