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Freight Forwarding Software

Manage import and export shipments via ocean, air or road for any commodity. Includes a web portal for customers.

Trucking Software (TMS)

Manage LTL and FTL shipping operations.  Includes a customer web portal, a driver mobile app, and a mobile device for hostler.

3PL Warehouse Software (WMS)

Manage multiple warehouses providing transload, storage, and distribution services for many clients. Includes a web portal & scanner software.

Yard Software (YMS)

Manage yards including railcars, trailers, containers, chassis, doors, equip, drivers, workers, return day & more.

Import Ocean, Air, Trucking

Quick and precise import control is supported with advanced management functionality. Shipping and transport event status for activity with carriers, vendors, and related parties is continually updated with embedded EDI integrations. Demurrage and per diem costs are actively managed and eliminated. Our logistics software is engineered on a flexible framework allowing rapid, efficient customizations.

Export Ocean, Air, Trucking

Export shipment operations are fully automated and tracked with dynamic exception reporting. Accelerated export shipment processing improves customer relationships. Bookings, AWBs and MBL instructions are transmitted electronically from a unique, intuitive user interface. Carrier portals are available with optional pre-defined integrations that stand up quickly so that your logistics system works for you.

Warehouse, CFS & Bonded

Organize efficient consolidations and/or de-vans optimizing dock operations in our leading-edge logistics management software. Increase warehouse revenue and turn capacity by enforcing work order accountability and reducing communication obstacles. Enable warehouse personnel, traffic staff and customers to anticipate shipments with access to real time data on all moves down to the SKU.


Make the business of your customer your specialty with comprehensive, adaptable inventory control. Temperature controlled shipping is supported. Visibility at SKU level by shipment improves your performance. Handle vertical market requirements globally (hazmat, perishables, pharma, etc.) and support the customers of your clients with an advanced logistics information system for logistics planning and management.

Yard Management

Track movement, location, storage and status of all equipment and drivers with our logistics management system. Integrate this data with all other supply chain and transportation management services you provide. Automatically monitor reefer status with alerts programmed to notify parties managing the shipment. Send in and out gate information automatically to carriers and other stakeholders to better manage per-diem costs.


Quote, schedule, process and report in real time on rail, air, truck and marine shipments in our logistics software. Manage transload work flow and define any type of work order to better capture and invoice specific shipment activity. Improve quote to bill velocity with real time financial accounting integrations. Keep shipping customers satisfied by offering visibility on load status and location.

Project Forwarding

Manage shipping and transportation in all modes and for any type of cargo. Control and monitor specialized services with customizations developed according to your specifications. Automate specialized supply chain services like heavy haul and lift and place. Process detailed shipment documentation, append BOL’s with specific project related documentation and reconcile to project critical paths with managed milestones in an intuitive, simple, and powerful dashboard. Our project forwarding module flexible and can be tailored to your unique business process.

Centralized Exams

When warehouse operators are appointed as Centralized Exam Stations by CBP, the opportunity can be fully leveraged with our logistics CES software which is already in use at the largest US ports. Each exam type is fully automated with a flexible business process that has been refined over 10 years and more than 1 million inspections. CES exam transactions are fully mapped to the financial accounting system with an integration that enables immediate invoicing and efficient management of Exams operations.


Improve trucking operations with a user friendly logistics solution that controls trucks, chassis and drivers. Enhance revenue capture and collections with automated billing. Drive out per-diem and demurrage costs with automated exception alerts that are sent internally and to customers. Customized work flow is simplified by our flexible trucking module that accommodates special requirements. Link your trucking module with our yard, warehouse, or transload modules for a completely integrated logistics solution.

A Modular Logistics Software Platform

Addressing the unique challenges of large logistics service providers

Our modules support temperature controlled cargo


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The Challenge

Twenty years ago our startup dedicated investment into formal market research to advance our understanding of the needs of logistics service providers (LSP’s). We surveyed many different operators to better understand their priorities for business process automation. The varied opportunities that these players came across presented a common predicament. Existing software for logistics offered narrow functionality for specific vertical market services - technology companies were not meeting customer needs for more comprehensive logistics management software solutions. But, the market was quickly evolving and forwarders, 3PLs, warehouse operators and truckers were trying to meet demand for all of these services. Modular, adaptable supply chain software solutions that offered this comprehensive functionality was not available in the market.

The Solution

Recognizing in 1999 that globalization was transforming the market, Silver Bullet took a strategic functional approach to software design. Beginning with forwarding, our solutions were designed to interoperate with all relevant supply chain operations including 3PL, warehouse, trucking/drayage, CES and even yard management. LSP’s were able to right size their logistics systems with our solutions to automate their existing operations. And, their growth into other supply chain services was unencumbered by automation constraints imposed by stand-alone logistics management software solutions. Today, this empowers our clients to not only grow vertically, but horizontally in their industry by adding a new module, or service, that they can offer to existing and new clients to grow market share, revenue, and profit.

About Silver Bullet Technologies

A logistics software company with enterprise solutions

A recognized Microsoft Gold Certified Application Developer


We began developing our enterprise logistics software in 1999 with a forwarding module. Over time, we've expanded into a complete, international logistics software solution to meet related customer requirements with modules for 3PL, warehousing, yard management, trans-loading, drayage, centralized exams, and more. All of our software now includes specific functionality for perishable goods. Today, we serve 3PL's, Distributors, Forwarders, NVO’s and enterprise level shippers all over the world.


Customers prize the advanced functionality and intuitive user interface of our enterprise logistics software. Our flexible design accommodates customizations that are rapidly deployed. Today there are 12 modules for distinct supply chain operations that can be delivered as stand-alone applications or combined to create a comprehensive logistics management software solution.


The Silver Bullet solutions can be easily integrated with any financial accounting application. As a Microsoft partner, we have specialized our logistics information system with a unique, real time data integration with the Dynamics products GP and AX. Our company has been a Gold Certified Microsoft Applications Developer since 2005.

Award Winning

In 2006, Microsoft recognized Silver Bullet Technologies with their Pinnacle Award for outstanding achievement with a major forwarder. In 2011, Microsoft again recognized our company with a Customer Excellence Award for Innovation with a west coast customs exams site. We specialize in creating leading-edge logistics systems and supporting them with best in class customer service.

A Complete Logistics Solution

Configure your system for today, expand tomorrow

Our logistics software modules automate business operations for each link in the supply chain. Separating our software into modules representing distinct logistics operations allows systems to be right sized for customers. Additionally, offering value added modules allows for even greater automation and efficiency. For example, management of transaction volume is enhanced with optional rate management automation supporting vendor, customer and carrier per diem terms. Visibility is web enabled across the stages of a shipment. All modules are supported with best in class BI, event management and document imaging applications. All financial activity is generated in real time by shipment detail entry which is mapped to designated GL account codes. Silver Bullet Technologies supports all Tier 1 ERP’s with a specialization in Microsoft Dynamics products. Code is written in C++ and the stack runs on MSFT SQL Server.

The Silver Bullet Technologies Approach

Customize your solution to better serve your market

Pay a fixed cost for your system, not an unlimited per transaction expense

Receive 24/7 service from our in-house, US based developer team

Enjoy direct control of your system with no unreliable offshore host

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    Why do Silver Bullet Clients Thrive?

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    When a logistics software solution provider turns off their phones and totally “automates” support is that a good thing?

    At Silver Bullet Technologies, when you need support, you talk to a developer that can directly address your needs.   Since 1999 we have distinguished ourselves with superior support for our modules.   In fact, Microsoft thought so too when they recognized our company for “extraordinary competence” supporting the rollout of our logistics management software for a forwarder.  We were bestowed their Pinnacle Award for Teamwork in 2006.   Twelve years later our solutions and support have just gotten better.

    When you want help, you can pick up the phone and speak directly with one of the team members that created your software. Based in the US, our team members understand your software, your industry, AND your business.

    Support begins when you pick up the phone and call, not weeks later. Whether you need to diagnose and resolve a problem, make a customization, or add a module to respond to a new business opportunity, our staff is committed to helping your business succeed.


    If you're using logistics ERP software that assumes your enterprise is the same as everyone else's, what happens to your unique business process? How does a competitive enterprise fit what makes them unique into a 'one size fits all' logistics software solution?  If a new business opportunity arises with unique customer requirements, is a commoditized software vendor that offers one solution to thousands of clients (big and small) prepared to dedicate resources to understand your precise requirements in detail and deliver the custom solution you need?

    In Silver Bullet Technologies software for logistics, customizability has been a key software design priority since our conception. We understand that your customers have specific and unique requirements based on commodity, business process, workflow, region, compliance, and many other factors. We've designed our logistics software accordingly. No two clients run the same instance of Silver Bullet's software. Every deployment is unique and configured to the specific needs of each customer. As your business grows and changes, future customizations are easy to implement. Clients can make those customizations in house, or rely on us to expeditiously adapt their logistics management system to their needs.


    When software becomes the primary platform in an industry for executing nearly every business function, including operations, customer service, sales, accounting, analysis, and reporting, the companies with the best software tend to succeed. Technology has transformed the logistics industry. Companies with better logistics software are better serving customers, operating more efficiently, adapting more quickly to change, and making better business decisions. In logistics, your software can and should be a high performing asset, not a commoditized rent expense.

    Companies that rent their logistics management software from 'one size fits all' software vendors pay perpetual usage fees. They are missing the valuable opportunity to distinguish themselves, and enjoy the financial returns and business growth that a high performing logistics system has to offer. They also miss the opportunity to own and therefore refine their system over time into the unique and profitable asset that it can be in the 21st century.

    Companies that continue to see software as just an expense and use generic systems may fail to compete with companies that invest proactively in their solutions. Those companies will always be limited by the quality of their SAAS solution.  Alternatively, when you own your logistics management system, every year your software can become a stronger asset for your business as you grow and refine your solution. What can that mean for your business in 3, 5, and 10 years?

    The companies that are investing in software today are the companies that will be leading the industry tomorrow.

    Financial Control

    The Silver Bullet Technologies logistics software suite can integrate with any Tier 1 ERP. As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, our integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions is especially robust. No matter which ERP solution you choose, we understand that shipments and events need to be automatically integrated with financial operations. This allows companies to reduce month end closing cycles, eliminate redundant data entry and reduce errors in financial reporting. It also allows for greater oversight and management capabilities. Having this efficiency and financial control empowers management to make more informed and clear business decisions and operate more profitably.


    When cargo moves through the supply chain, companies are often forced to string together multiple software solutions to manage these different shipment operations. This can lead to complexity, inefficiency, and error in business process and data management.

    All of our logistics software modules operate on a single database. When using multiple modules, clients never lose sight of a shipment and always have complete visibility into their operations. That means having uniform system information populating shipper, shipment, carrier, consignee and vendor files across any business activity. 


    Silver Bullet Technologies was designed to offer companies the capability to not only grow vertically, but horizontally as well. Our modules comprehensively automate the supply chain by organizing it into distinct, carefully defined segments. When a company uses one of our modules, they can easily add another to take advantage of a new customer request or business opportunity. This flexibility has empowered our clients to easily grow their business without having to worry about whether their software can keep up.

    For example, we recently enabled a client to double their revenue by adding a new line of business with a quick reconfiguration of their Silver Bullet Technologies software platform. Their import module was adapted to handle in-land port functionality to accommodate a new temperature controlled opportunity. Without the flexibility of our logistics system this would not have happened.

    Our business is to help logistics companies keep up with the business of their customers.


    "When you work like everybody, you're nobody"...

    When you use the same logistics software as your competition in a software-powered industry, how much room is left to stand out?

    Silver Bullet adopted a client/server model when it recognized that generic business processes would not be enough for the most effective companies in the industry. Every company has unique requirements for forms, views, reports, documentation, and workflow. Instead of designing a system that the average LSP would have to adopt their business process to, Silver Bullet designed a system that the leading LSP could customize and refine to enhance and leverage their unique, differentiating business process. 

    As a result, LSPs using Silver Bullet Technologies operate extremely efficiently and enjoy the most satisfied customers. They use software that allows them to distinguish themselves in a competitive landscape where other providers are using generic, cookie-cutter software solutions and are thus failing to stand out. The dramatic competitive edge our logistics management software provides our users explains why we have had customers request exclusive rights to our solutions in their region.


    Our logistics software is designed to integrate with your existing applications

    Advanced automation requires data exchange and integration in every step of work flow.  Silver Bullet Technologies transportation logistics software is designed for easy data integrations with your business partners.  This adds efficiency, accountability and insight into your operations allowing you to do what matters most – serve your customers better while operating more profitably.

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