Event Management Module

Create custom events to automate your unique business process

Event Management

The Silver Bullet TMS uses event management functionality to focus the power of a connected world on your desktop. This module can maximize shipment predictability with the most powerful real-time event management dashboard in the Business. EDI and XML integrations across your business platform with global partners power our visibility tool that will immediately become indispensable to your customers, agents, logistics personnel, and vendors.

The Silver Bullet Event Management panel uses our “open up” rather than drill down user interface to give the most accessible views in the industry of your event status and data. No more excessive tiling and click through to find data buried in a specific screen shot. This is intuitive utility. Find all relevant events in one place; vessel, container, terminal, shipper, warehouse, customs, and exam stations. Color coded, real time event status and data specific to your company, your business partners, and your processes simplifies customer service.

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