Transload Software Module for Import & Export

Automate multi-modal freight transfers with integrated import and export functionality. 

Any transportation mode, any commodity, automated and flexible billing and accounting, additional modules for extended logistics operations (trucking, warehouse, yard, etc.).

About our Transloading Software Module

Our transloading module can be integrated with our trucking, warehouse, or yard modules (to name a few) to integrate any additional logistics operations necessary. Supporting air freight, rail shipments, ocean shipments, and trailers, our software can handle all transportation modes as well as any commodity including refrigerated goods and perishables, hazardous or dangerous cargo, dry goods, and more. All of our modules work from a single database and integrate seamlessly with any Tier 1 ERP. As Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, we offer an especially robust integration with Microsoft Dynamics. We've specialized our software to be customizable and our business model to support excellent customer service. We understand the value of being able to customize your software to your needs, and of working with a software vendor who you can pick up the phone and call when you want help.

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Transload software functionality for Import, Export & Domestic transportation

  • Track and manage all inbound and outbound trailers, rail cars and containers
  • Automatically create bills of lading
  • Track bonded and hazardous goods
  • Track and control per diem and demurrage costs instantly in our transload software
  • Customer access to real time information with web tracking frees up warehouse worker time for billable services
  • Integrate processes with Import, Export, Yard and Harbour Trucking
  • Use rules and alerts to release goods according to pre-pay status or forwarder instructions
  • Record and track empty container pick up and return
  • Invoice by trailer, container or rail car
  • Read bar code labels
  • Rate invoices
  • Attach photos, e-mails and POD to the Transload file
  • Automate Import Transload
  • Automate Export Transload

Business partner integrations including ASN’s, XML and EDI

  • Integrate carrier information on vessel and voyage
  • Integrate and manage cut-off dates and times with our logistics software solutions
  • Expertly manage data interchanges with carriers, vendors, portals and clients, and leverage shipment information in real time.

Financial Accounting integration

  • Trans-load billing and expenses integrated with back office financials
  • Report on Transload financial performance

Our solutions for transloading provide effective management of a complicated logistics supply chain, securing profit and customer satisfaction.

Silver Bullet Technologies’ transload software offers specialized automation to serve unloading, handling and reloading particulars for a multitude of specialized industries that depend on multi-modal freight movements.  The added shipment handling and transfer operations are managed in real time protecting profitability and performance.


Why choose Silver Bullet?

  • Industry leading customer service and support
  • Easy to customize software that contains all necessary and desired functionality
  • Modular solutions that support all related logistics operations
  • Powerful and efficient software design (empowering a top NVO to handle over 100,000 TEU's annually with an IT army of... one person).
  • Expertly integrated accounting and financials

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Manage all freight transportation modes

Silver Bullet Technologies freight software can track and manage shipments across Air, Ocean, Rail and Trucking.





Move any type of freight or commodity

Our freight forwarding and freight broker software system has functionality to manage perishable goods, hazardous freight, and all other types of cargo. We can easily add custom datapoints, alerts, events, and integrations to handle unique commodity requirements.

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