Modules Overview

We offer modules for distinct segments of the supply chain

Our solutions are transaction engines and decision support systems for processing and controlling quotation, booking, documentation, shipment, delivery, communication, compliance, customer service, accounting, management and reporting responsibilities. They offer an intuitive, easy to navigate interface that allows team members to learn the system quickly and process operations efficiently. The graphic below illustrates how our modules fit together.

Logistics management software modules

Manage distinct or all segments of the supply chain


Clients can design their software system by selecting only the modules that automate their business operations. Once selected, these modules are then highly customizable and configurable to the client's unique business process. If clients come across new business opportunities, they can easily add a new module. Built on a single database, entries in one module reflect throughout every other module offering a truly integrated, managed, and transparent system that empowers employees, managers, and shareholders.

Our modules support all modes of transportation and all commodities

Temperature controlled and perishable goods





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