Third Party Logistics

3PL Software and 4PL Software for Freight Management Solutions

3PL Logistics Software by Silver Bullet is inventory control software for companies offering or managing international freight management solutions

Silver Bullet Technologies’ 3PL software module offers a specialized logistics system automating the warehouse management, distribution and inventory control processes of international logistic companies providing this service to customers who are outsourcing fulfillment and inventory management.

3PL Software System: User interface

  • Universal inventory visibility
  • Real time processing and reporting for all movement at pallet ID level
  • Receiving
  • Put-away
  • Pick
  • Pack
  • Item inventory managed by lot number, serial number, expiration date or user configured parameter in our 3PL software
  • Item definitions provided by dropdowns in simple user interface
  • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook for easy e-mail functionality
  • Vertical market specializations such as autos, food, consumer goods, electronics, computers and commodities-kitting and assembly
  • Definition of items by SKU and Serial Number
  • Specific definition of pack types for inbound and outbound
  • Schedule B association with each item
  • Brand and supplier associated with each item
  • Optional multiple item identity for each inventory item
  • Complete storage history per item
  • Customer and vendor rate tables
  • Multi-currency, multi-standards enabled

3PL Software: Business partner integrations, XML and EDI

  • Electronic alerts for warehouse events
  • Multi warehouse enabled
  • Full order management and ASN
  • Mobile bar code data collection with real time visibility within our 3PL software

3PL Software: Financial Accounting integration

  • Full integration of 3PL activity with financial accounting system
  • 3 levels of hierarchy for Profit & Loss analysis and segmentation in our 3PL software

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