Export Software

The Silver Bullet Technologies Export Software Solutions are highly configurable and customizable, containing comprehensive functionality for high volume and sophisticated export shipping operations via ocean, air and road.

This fact sheet contains details about our export software solutions which are in place at leading forwarders, NVOCCs, and 3PLs around the world. For a more complete review, please see our freight forwarding software page or schedule a demo.

Export Software Functionality


  • Simple user interface for Shipment Creation with configurable drop-downs
  • Tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook for easy email functionality
  • Create the necessary export documentation at the click of a button. We will configure your system to produce shipping documentation that is standardized and generated out of Silver Bullet
  • Completely integrated with the Warehouse Module so you can pick items from the Warehouse and bring the information in to your Bills of Lading, Roadway Bills, or Airway Bills. All item, weight, volume, pack type and PO information is automatically populated on all the shipping documents and transport
  • Automatically creates all documents for consolidations and generates a Cargo Manifest specific to the destination’s requirements
  • Consolidations are easy to manage and pro-rating your costs can be accomplished at the click of a button
  • Required fields and the order in which they appear are configurable by the Administrator
  • Complete Audit Trail for every document logging all changes made by a user
  • Automatic rating of Bill of Lading, Roadway Bill, and Airway Bill
  • Attach POD, Commercial Invoice, Packing Lists, emails, photos, etc. to shipments
  • Create rules that will notify you, the carrier, or the customer of any exception or reminder
  • Create Rules for Billing and user definable billing codes and reason codes
  • Customize your quoting process and track all of your quotes
  • Customize your vendor quoting process and track all your buy rates
  • Automatically rate a shipment with buy and sell rates to have immediate visibility over profit on a job
  • Manage Customer Credit with user definable rules
  • Define Supply Chain Events and Business Process Events in order to track, manage, notify and report on shipments and operations events
  • Automatically schedule status reports to send to clients so they have complete visibility


  • Manage compliance by screening denied party lists, checking license requirements, and creating international trade documents such as an electronic Air Waybill, Bill of Lading, or Export Declaration
  • Establish XML and EDI integrations with carriers, customers, vendors, customs, and ERPs
  • Utilize integrations with leading industry solutions such as Descartes, SmartBorder, CustomsNow, and more
  • Automatically send Transport Orders to Truckers and set automatic reminders to make sure you get the POD
  • Select goods from a warehouse to automatically populate export declaration, invoices, and other forms


  • Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP or any Tier 1 accounting solution
  • Utilize several levels of hierarchy for Profit & Loss Analysis and segmentation such as:
    • Profit & Loss by Shipment, House, Container, Truck, Trailer, Airplane,
    • Profit & Loss by Project
    • Profit & Loss by House
    • Profit & Loss by Customer, Customer Class, Industry,
    • Profit & Loss by Region
    • Profit & Loss by Division
    • Profit & Loss by Cost Center
    • Profit & Loss by Station
    • Profit & Loss by Profit Center
  • Automatically perform your accruals and deferrals at the end of the month

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    More Features and Benefits

    Unlimited Reporting

    The database is yours to modify and create any reports you desire. Our highly integrated systems allow you to eliminate operational silos and pull much more powerful and comprehensive reports spanning multiple modes of transportation.  Our systems can integrate with almost any business intelligence application. See below for some sample reports. Request a demo Discover how much more you can achieve with an award-winning, modular and customizable solution. One of … Read more

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    The Silver Bullet Technologies solutions enable companies to grow in size, services and profitability. Companies can scale by adding any number of users, services, shipments, branches, sites, assets, equipment, customers, and transport regions. The software is designed to handle virtually unlimited volume. There are no extra costs for adding new sites, customers, or increasing shipment volume which means customers can keep their earnings as the grow. Because of the comprehensive … Read more

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    Customize software icon


    Silver Bullet software modules, including the database, can be customized to client’s unique logistics, operational, financial, accounting and customer service procedures. Customizations can be provided by Silver Bullet Technologies or developed by clients in-house. Silver Bullet is prepared to handle customization requests and provide extraordinary customer service and support. Our customizations team will understand your requirements in detail, develop the customizations, and thoroughly test before going live with enhancements specific … Read more

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    Your business process makes you different. Configure Silver Bullet Technologies software to your organization’s unique operations and procedures. Powerful configurations settings are available out of the box and will be configured with your team during implementation. See below for some the functionality that is configurable: On Screen Information Make any information available on particular screens so that users have the information they need to quickly and accurately complete their work. … Read more

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    Accounting Integration

    The Silver Bullet software system is fully integrated on a real time basis with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions and can integrate with other Tier 1 ERP solutions as well. This unique integration allows more transparent financial reporting with less work. Customers benefit from the best in class alternatives available from Microsoft Business Solutions and other prominent ERP Vendors which provide superior functionality, ease of use, support and affordability. The Silver … Read more

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    Rate Management

    Manage vendor and customer rates by storing, updating, calculating and automatically applying vendor rates and customer rates to any form or document. This information auto-populates wherever possible, saving time and error. Keep this information in prominent on-screen locations to monitor profits – or use alerts to automate this process. Rate Management is a critical task that can be effectively automated.  Eliminating manual billing leads to significant improvements in efficiency. Link … Read more

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    Alerts and Notifications

    Send emails, text messages, or system messages via APIs to relevant parties and systems upon any shipment event or change in status. Include any relevant information and documentation in the message. The notifications and alerts tool can pull from any database in your environment to check for specific conditions and trigger notifications according those conditions. Alerts and notifications are completely configurable. Request a demo Discover how much more you can … Read more

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    Denied Party Screening

    Remain compliant and eliminate hassle with Denied Party Screening. Automatically screen all parties using an updated database. Automatically re-screen when changes are made. Configure various levels of screening based on your compliance requirements. Request a demo Discover how much more you can achieve with an award-winning, modular and customizable solution. One of our experts will reach out to you shortly.

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    Document Management

    Easily manage all documents and forms related to shipments and electronically submit transport documents to 3rd party systems including Carriers, Customs and other intermediaries. For example, manage commercial invoices, Bills of Lading, Air Waybills, Delivery Orders, Arrival Notices, Transport Orders, Shipper’s Export Declarations, International trade documents, AES, EEI, AMS, ISF, Dock Receipts, Cargo Manifests, Booking Confirmations, Loading Plans, Invoices, Agent Commissions and any custom form or document specific to your … Read more

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    Silver Bullet Technologies was designed to flexibly accommodate integrations in a seamless manner. Many integrations exist natively within the application so that users don’t have to leave the application during their workflow. Out of the box integrations with Traxon CargoHub, CHAMP Cargo Systems, CustomsNow, SmartBorder, Microsoft Dynamics, Descartes and many other applications extend the functionality and information available within Silver Bullet Technologies modules. There are several different types of integrations … Read more

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