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Silver Bullet Technologies is an established US-based logistics software company started in the 1990s offering highly flexible TMS, WMS, YMS, and Freight Forwarding solutions for international logistics companies. 

We quickly respond to customer needs with our white glove customer service approach and our highly flexible software which is easy and affordable to customize. This makes us the safest choice for enterprises who want to ensure all of their software, integration and customization needs are met adequately, affordably and on time.  We are also the safest choice for companies who want to implement a long-term solution that can be refined, continuously improved and evolved.  The flexible nature of Silver Bullet allows our customers to add refinements and customizations to their instance of our software and deploy a system that is often vastly superior to that of their competitors.  With global customers, such as a Fortune top 10 company, we have the capacity and expertise to smoothly deliver large implementations and help customers foresee potential problems before they arise.  We also help our customers discover many opportunities for improvement, cost reduction and automation.

Our customers are typically mature logistics companies or well funded startups who are seeking a very robust, flexible and leading-edge software solution that can efficiently automate their unique operations in tailored ways.  We are frequently chosen by mature organizations because we have the logistics expertise to deeply understand their often complex, nuanced and evolving processes and develop software solutions that satisfy their needs (the first time around).

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we can provide robust integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or any Accounting ERP of your choice such as SAP, Oracle, Etc.  This provides invaluable reports that link logistics operations metrics with financial metrics in order to help customers accurately and thoroughly understand performance at all levels of their company from all angles. We can also integrate our applications with any other applications in a customer's ecosystem to reduce data entry, user error and increase automation.


We tailor our flexible applications to automate the precise business processes for every client empowering our customers to operate as efficiently as possible. Our applications remain flexible after implementation and can continue to be refined and evolved by us or the customer.  This allows our customers to continuously optimize operations, differentiate from competitors and better serve their customers.  Our flexible software returns process innovation to the LSP, allowing them to apply feedback from their users on how to improve processes. This promotes technological and operational autonomy, self-sufficiency and leadership for our customers.


Logistics Software Platform Diagram


As far as we are aware, we have the most comprehensive logistics software in the market providing operations software for all links of the supply chain on a single database. Additionally, we are most likely the only company with this much coverage to have developed all of our solutions in-house without acquiring other software companies to expand our software functionality. This means our system has tremendous software integrity because all of our software components have been developed congruently in-house with the same uniform software design principles and vision.  This has been possible because we've developed the software starting with a very flexible software framework that we've been able to adapt into different logistics applications.  Because of this, we can easily modify our software for every client in a way that most other software providers can not. This delivers applications that allow your employees to become far more productive and effective.  The result is that you can increase sales with a much lower increase in head-count or cost of labor.  Another result is happier customers.


Silver Bullet began developing logistics software for the freight forwarding industry in the early 2000s. However, the company began a few years earlier, in the 1990s, with a group of experienced logistics professionals operating a network management company serving the transportation, warehouse, and freight forwarding community in South Florida. After hearing repeatedly from clients about the lack of good software available to logistics service providers, Silver Bullet assembled a team of talented software engineers and logistics professionals. This team interviewed many different logistics service providers to carefully understand the specific needs of Freight Forwarders, NVO’s, Container Freight Stations, 3PLs, trucking management operations, and more in order to build a solution that made sense for this industry. Today we are helping clients around the world develop the most efficient and flexible operations software for their logistics activities.

"We have kept a narrow focus on automating the needs of logistics service providers. By integrating with Tier 1 ERPs like those from Microsoft, Oracle and SAP and not reinventing the 'financial accounting wheel' we can offer the enterprise market an adaptable logistics business environment that constitutes a world class ERP for this vertical."

-David Dorer, Principal at Silver Bullet Technologies, LLC

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