3PL Software Module

Any transportation mode, any commodity, automated and flexible billing and accounting, additional modules for extended logistics operations (trucking, warehouse, yard, etc.).

About our 3PL Software Module

The 3PL software module by Silver Bullet Technologies is inventory control software for companies offering third party logistics solutions to customers.

Silver Bullet Technologies’ 3PL software module automates the warehouse management, distribution and inventory control processes of international logistics companies providing this service to customers who are outsourcing fulfillment and inventory management.

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Our 3PL software can support all of your logistics operations with one database and in one user-friendly, intuitive, easy to use system

Every large scale 3PL has a unique business process that it uses to serve it's unique customers. While one provider might focus solely on warehouse operations, another might bridge warehousing, trucking, and yard. Stringing together different software systems for these different yet connected logistics business process creates complexity and costs that then limit growth and scalability. We understand the necessity of horizontal scalability in today's changing (and growing) 3PL marketplace. That's why we designed our 3PL software as a modular solution where clients can select from our suite of modules to match their unique logistics services and business structure. This allows our clients to build a rightly sized and tightly fit software system, and easily grow anytime by just adding a module without unnecessary complexity or going through the long-winded process of researching, selecting, and implementing yet another software solution.


The following is only a summary of the extensive functionality our 3PL software offers. Just because it's not included in the list below, does not mean we do not support it.  To enquire about specific functionality, please contact us.


  • Universal inventory visibility
  • Real time processing and reporting for all movement at pallet ID level
  • Receiving
  • Put-away
  • Pick
  • Pack
  • Item inventory managed by lot number, serial number, expiration date or user configured parameter
  • Item definitions provided by dropdowns in simple user interface
  • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook for easy e-mail functionality
  • Vertical market specializations such as autos, food, consumer goods, electronics, computers and commodities-kitting and assembly
  • Definition of items by SKU and Serial Number
  • Specific definition of pack types for inbound and outbound
  • Schedule B association with each item
  • Brand and supplier associated with each item
  • Optional multiple item identity for each inventory item
  • Complete storage history per item
  • Customer and vendor rate tables
  • Multi-currency, multi-standards enabled

Business partner integrations including XML and EDI

  • Electronic alerts for warehouse events
  • Multi warehouse enabled
  • Full order management and ASN
  • Mobile bar code data collection with real time visibility

Financial Accounting integration

  • Full integration of 3PL activity with financial accounting system
  • 3 levels of hierarchy for Profit & Loss analysis and segmentation

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Why choose Silver Bullet?

  • Industry leading customer service and support
  • Easy to customize software that can contain all necessary and desired functionality
  • Modular solutions that support related logistics operations
  • Powerful and efficient software design (empowering a top NVO to handle over 100,000 TEU's annually with an IT army of... one person).
  • Expertly integrated accounting and financials

Questions for 3PL's


  • Is your capacity limited by tedious data entry and reentry?
  • Are you adding new business by adapting to different industry requirements or just holding on to current customers?
  • Are you serving customers with inventory information in the form they desire?
  • Can your team identify priority shipments instantly and manage the queue with accurate, automated, real time reporting?
  • Are you business rules supported by powerful, flexible business software?


  • Free your resources to build relationships. Let the system populate data electronically from customers and vendors.
  • Configure customer reports according to their specification. Let the software mine data and your company service the client.
  • View and manage shipment and work status at a glance - our innovative dashboard color codes conditions based on your rules.