3PL software

designed specifically for 3PLs


Any transportation mode, any commodity, automated and flexible billing and accounting, additional modules for extended logistics operations (trucking, trans-load, yard, etc.).

About Our 3PL Software

A Complete Solution

The 3PL software module by Silver Bullet Technologies manages 3rd party inventory for third party logistics service providers.  It can be licensed stand-alone or with the Silver Bullet Yard and Trucking Modules.  The solution comes with full native functionality for high volume Export and Import Trans-Load and bonded facilities.  Our 3PL software was designed specifically for logistics service providers serving multiple clients. It includes the ability to store customer rates and automatically bill for warehouse services and storage.  When used with the Silver Bullet Trucking and Yard modules, the system features the ability to produce one combined invoice for trucking, yard, and warehouse services.  A customization platform allows companies to define rules and business processes for different customers, commodities, and items.  The customization platform also provides the ability to define handheld fields and behavior for each specific work order.  Additionally, we support our clients with award winning customer service - support is provided by phone or email within 24 hours by the same US-based team that deploys your software. Lastly, all of our modules integrate seamlessly with any Tier 1 accounting system and operate on a single database offering a simple yet powerful and comprehensive system.

3PL Software Benefits

  • Eliminate silos in your 3PL operation between trucking, warehouse, and yard: dashboards allow departments to share information and see changes in real-time.
  • Use the customization platform to tailor your processes for any customer, commodity or item
  • When you add more sites, pay only for additional users and not for additional sites.
  • Choose from additional modules that automate: Freight Forwarding, Warehouse, Yard, Trucking, In-land Ports, Import/Export, CFS, Drayage, Distribution, Bonded, Customs Exams.
  • Train users in under 4 hours with our intuitive user interface
  • Highly flexible rules engine that accommodates any permutation of requirements.
  • Customizable customer portal for your customers to see their inventory, issue release orders, upload and download documents.
  • Full audit trail providing visibility of an inventory item from the inbound conveyance and documentation all the way through the outbound conveyance and documentation.

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    Our 3PL Software Can Support All Of Your Logistics Operations

    1 database and 1 user-friendly, intuitive, easy to use system

    Our modules support temperature controlled cargo

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    Every 3PL provider has different levels of service. While one provider might focus solely on warehouse operations, another might bridge warehousing, trucking, and yard. Stringing together different software systems for these distinct yet interconnected logistics business processes creates complexity and costs that then limit growth and scalability. We understand the necessity of horizontal scalability in today's changing marketplace. That's why we designed our 3PL software as a comprehensive and modular solution where clients can select from our suite of modules to match their unique logistics services and business structure. This allows our clients to build rightly sized and custom fit 3PL software systems.  It also allows them to easily grow anytime by just adding a module without adding complexity to their system. It's incredibly valuable for an LSP to be able to expand their service offering quickly, without going through the extensive process of researching, selecting, training, implementing, and integrating yet another 3PL freight software solution from yet another vendor.


    Functionality of our 3PL Freight Software

    To enquire about specific functionality, please contact us.

    • Universal inventory visibility
    • Real time processing and reporting for all movement at pallet ID level
    • Receiving
    • Put-away
    • Pick
    • Pack
    • Item inventory tracking managed by lot number, serial number, expiration date or user configured parameter
    • Item definitions provided by dropdowns in simple user interface
    • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook for easy e-mail functionality
    • Vertical market specializations such as autos, food, refrigerated and frozen commodities, consumer goods, electronics, computers and commodities-kitting and assembly
    • Definition of items by SKU and Serial Number
    • Specific definition of pack types for inbound and outbound
    • Schedule B association with each item
    • Brand and supplier associated with each item
    • Optional multiple item identity for each inventory item
    • Warehouse storage calculation by customer or goods type, rules driven by customer definition
    • Complete storage history per item
    • Customer & Vendor Rate Tables allows flexible, rules driven pricing for each customer and vendor
    • Multi-currency, multi-standards enabled
    • Intuitive virtual documents interface for creation of Warehouse Receipts
    • Partial Breakdown capability allowing cargo to be broken down from Pallets to boxes or combined into pallets from boxes without having to generate new warehouse receipt numbers.
    • Partial Withdrawal capability with complete cargo audit trail of Bill of Lading, Air Way Bill, Straight Bill, Loading Guide or Pick List
    • Intuitive Pick List and Delivery Order creation
    • Straight Bill of Lading creation, interface and control
    • Versatile bin definition and warehouse capacity management
    • Hazardous Class, Tracking Number, and PO Number by Line item
    • Multi-Warehouse enabled
    • Multiple units of measure
    • Label Generation and Bar Coding
    • Container Freight Station Functionality
      • Manage and track all container moves
      • Simple consolidation and auto create of Bills of Lading
      • Bill separate consignees with one party’s rates

    The Silver Bullet Warehouse (WMS) CFS module enables Container Freight Stations to easily manage, track, and bill LCL freight with several built in features that make it very easy to provide extraordinary customer service such as:

    • Virtual File Folder provides a visual depiction of all the House Bills and containers in the shipment on one screen with no nested windows
    • Maintains milestones for each House Bill and Container to keep track of freight releases, last free day, in-gate and out-gate, etc.
    • Automatic alerts and notifications are generated to notify CSRs and other stakeholders of exceptions.
    • User friendly mechanism to attach documents and emails to each of the House Bills or the Master
    • Automatically creates Warehouse Receipts.
    • Automatically creates devanning work orders for handhelds.
    • Manages high volume container throughput.
    • Devan and stuff containers using handheld devices.
    • Rating Engine that automatically generates charges for Invoices and/or Work Orders based on any unit of measure.
    • Automatically creates an outturn report or a manifest discrepancy report
    • Easily captures discrepancies on the handheld
    • Offers customizable  handheld functionality
    • Keeps track of Per Diem, Yard Storage, Chassis Rental charges automatically.
    • Fully integrated with the Silver Bullet Trucking Module including mobile Truck Driver devices.
    • Allows user to bill one or more parties for each House bill or bill one party for multiple House bills. 
    • Store different rates for for each house bill consignee or other billing party such as the broker  - for accessorial charges, storage, free time, etc.
    • Keep track of additional services performed in the warehouse
    • Maintain any bonded information for each house bill and prevent warehouse personnel from releasing bonded merchandise.
    • Fully integrated with Silver Bullet’s Yard Module that controls the gate process and provides a visual depiction of the Yard and Warehouse Doors
    • Full functionality for refrigerated containers.
    • Electronic alerts for warehouse events
    • Multi warehouse enabled
    • Full order management and ASN
    • Mobile bar code data collection with real time visibility
    • Full integration of 3PL activity with financial accounting system
    • Several levels of hierarchy for Profit & Loss analysis and segmentation – By Facility, Division, Profit Center, Cost Center, Industry Vertical, etc.
    • Tracking of Collect Inland Freight Payments
    • Work Order integration, Billing and tracking per Warehouse Receipt
    • Warehouse:
      • Log
      • Log Report by Customer
      • Inventory
      • Inventory by Customer
      • Storage
      • Consignee Unknown
      • Free Time Report
      • Incomplete or Damaged Report
      • Customer Volume Reports
    • Multi-currency billing
    • Invoicing with value added service and task rate table management for discrete customer billing
    • Web available Reports
    • Full integration with existing back office financial system
    • Profitability Reports

    Who our 3PL software is for

    Large modern warehouse with forklifts

    Third-party logistics companies

    Public Warehouses

    Public Refrigerated Warehouses

    Shipment Consolidators & De-consolidators

    Import & Export Operations

    Distribution Facilities

    Intermodal Transload Facilities

    Container Freight Stations (CFS)

    Customs Exams Stations (CES)

    Bonded Warehouses

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      Why Choose Our 3PL Software?

      Industry leading customer service and support

      Easy to customize 3PL Software contains all necessary and desired functionality

      Modular solutions that support related logistics operations

      Powerful and efficient software design (empowering a top NVO to handle over 100,000 TEU's annually with an IT army of... one person)

      Expertly integrated accounting and financials

      Questions for 3PL's


      • Is your capacity limited by tedious data entry and re-entry?
      • Are you adding new business by adapting to different industry requirements or just holding on to current customers?
      • How long does it take you to onboard a new customer?
      • Are you serving customers with inventory information in the form they desire?
      • Are you able to determine what a job costs before you quote it?
      • Are you under-billing because it is too cumbersome to capture revenue?
      • Are your business rules supported by powerful, flexible business software?
      • Are your Trucking CSRs totally blind to what happens in your Warehouse?
      • Are your Warehouse CSRs totally blind as to what happens in Dispatch?
      • Can your team identify priority shipments instantly and manage the queue with accurate, automated, real time reporting?


      • View and manage shipment and work status at a glance - our innovative dashboard color codes conditions based on your rules.
      • Onboard new customers in days, not weeks.
      • The system will record cost and revenue and automatically rate every revenue generating activity on a work order basis.  And, you can bill daily, weekly, or monthly.
      • Silver Bullet WMS captures all resource expenditures (labor, consumables, etc.) so you can determine if your jobs are profitable.
      • Free your resources to build relationships. Let the system populate data electronically from customers and vendors.
      • Configure customer reports according to their specification. Let the software mine data and your company service the client.