Rate Management

Manage vendor and customer rates by storing, updating, calculating and automatically applying vendor rates and customer rates to any form or document. This information auto-populates wherever possible, saving time and error. Keep this information in prominent on-screen locations to monitor profits - or use alerts to automate this process.

Rate Management is a critical task that can be effectively automated.  Eliminating manual billing leads to significant improvements in efficiency.

Link your invoices with your quotes and rest assured your customer is being billed according to expectation.

  • Make changes that are implemented systematically, according to your specifications.
  • Manage by exception where desired. Use alerts to keep rates from being changed outside a desired range.
  • Support rates for multi segment routes and multi modal activity
  • Track business development effort with KPI’s such as “quote to book”
  • Log customer inquiries and track quoted items that were not purchased with reasons why the customer declined
  • Keep an audit trail of all changes so you know who and when something was changed in a rate or an invoice
  • Run KPI’s in the context you find meaningful: by location, by individual, by customer, by destination, etc.

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