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Flexible software for planning and executing import and export freight shipments by ocean, air, truck or rail

Import & Export Software for all transportation modes

A robust transportation management system

Silver Bullet Technology's Freight Forwarding software, also known as NVOCC Software, a Freight Management System (FMS) or a Transportation Management System (TMS), enables Freight Forwarders, Forwarding Agents, NVOCCs, and Third Party Logistics Providers to manage import and export FCL and LCL shipments, consolidations and deconsolidations. Our comprehensive freight management software automates processing of ocean, air, trucking and rail shipments for any type of cargo, including perishables. This includes all necessary logistics, customer service, and finance operations such as functionality for managing Master and House contracts, vendor and customer rates, cargo, containers, consolidated shipments, digital documents, compliance, denied party screening, license checks, web tracking, customer service, invoicing, billing, inventory, accounting, and integrations.  Silver Bullet's freight forwarder and NVOCC clients benefit from a high-performance software system containing an extraordinary level of configurability, customizability, functionality and customer service. This empowers forwarders, importers and exporters to automate their unique and most efficient business processes, operate more efficiently, differentiate themselves in the market and better serve their customers.

Software should be a high performing asset, not an expense.

Preview of Freight Software Features


Import & Export

Any commodity

Any transportation mode

Digital documents that autopopulate

Customizable documents and forms

3rd Party Integrations

Calculate Landed Costs

Remain Compliant

Denied/Restricted Party Screening

Electronically Submit Documents

Cargo License Checks

Auto Vendor Rates

Auto Customer Rates

Upload Photos

Web Portal for all Parties

Unlimited Routes per Freight Bill

Bill Routes Alone or Together

Manage Custom OS&D Processes

Manage Custom Extra Charges

Track driver wait time

Calculate Fuel Matrix

Automated Arrival Notice Generation

Automated Delivery Order to Trucker Generation

Email & Text Notifications

Invoicing & Accounting

Single or multiple branches

Many clients

User level security

Real time visibility

Custom business processes

Custom Events, Alerts, Exceptions

Extensive Customized Reporting

Key Functionality

Customer Web Portal

The Web Portal allows customers to book, track & manage shipments automatically. In fact, even agents, drivers, owner operators and other 3rd parties can access the Web Portal and get detailed, realtime information about all of their freight shipments in ...
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Shipment Events

Track and manage the journey of every shipment using our events panel. The events panel shows all events or milestones reached for any shipment or house – giving you insight into the journey of a shipment including times (including estimated ...
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Document Management

Easily manage all documents and forms related to shipments and electronically submit transport documents to 3rd party systems including Carriers, Customs and other intermediaries. For example, manage commercial invoices, Bills of Lading, Air Waybills, Delivery Orders, Arrival Notices, Transport Orders, ...
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Denied Party Screening

Remain compliant and eliminate hassle with Denied Party Screening. Automatically screen all parties using an updated database. Automatically re-screen when changes are made. Configure various levels of screening based on your compliance requirements. Request a demo Discover how much more ...
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Alerts and Notifications

Send emails, text messages, or system messages via APIs to relevant parties and systems upon any shipment event or change in status. Include any relevant information and documentation in the message. The notifications and alerts tool can pull from any ...
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Rate Management

Manage vendor and customer rates by storing, updating, calculating and automatically applying vendor rates and customer rates to any form or document. This information auto-populates wherever possible, saving time and error. Keep this information in prominent on-screen locations to monitor ...
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Accounting Integration

The Silver Bullet software system is fully integrated on a real time basis with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions and can integrate with other Tier 1 ERP solutions as well. This unique integration allows more transparent financial reporting with less work. ...
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Unlimited Reporting

The database is yours to modify and create any reports you desire. Our highly integrated systems allow you to eliminate operational silos and pull much more powerful and comprehensive reports spanning multiple modes of transportation.  Our systems can integrate with ...
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Key Benefits


The Silver Bullet Technologies solutions enable companies to grow in size, services and profitability. Companies can scale by adding any number of users, services, shipments, branches, sites, assets, equipment, customers, and transport regions. The software is designed to handle virtually ...
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Silver Bullet software modules, including the database, can be customized to client's unique logistics, operational, financial, accounting and customer service procedures. Customizations can be provided by Silver Bullet Technologies or developed by clients in-house. Silver Bullet is prepared to handle ...
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Your business process makes you different. Configure Silver Bullet Technologies software to your organization's unique operations and procedures. Powerful configurations settings are available out of the box and will be configured with your team during implementation. See below for some ...
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Silver Bullet Technologies was designed to flexibly accommodate integrations in a seamless manner. Many integrations exist natively within the application so that users don't have to leave the application during their workflow. Out of the box integrations with Traxon CargoHub, ...
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Grow your freight operations

Efficiency, Execution, Customer Satisfaction

Our freight management software reduces redundant data entry, eliminates operational silos, improves billing and accounting, and saves users significant time via intelligent user interfaces designed by industry professionals. Documents and functions are available just a click away, without having to open or navigate between many screens. Workflow is efficient and convenient, with all of the information you need on-screen or just a click away.

Reduce cost of labor expense

Reduce administration time and error

Increase employee producitivity and operational efficiency

Amaze customers with better service

Improve cash flow, billing, and accounting

Increase on-time deliveries and predict delays

Adopt a freight software system that fits YOU

Develop proprietary customizations

Receive extraordinary customer support

Evolve over time

Long-exposure sunset over a highway

Operate Most Efficiently

The Silver Bullet modules offer the most powerful and efficient freight management software for advanced business process automation in this industry. These solutions first went into service for a top NVOCC in 2005 that handled over 100,000 TEU’s annually with an IT army of... one person.

100,000 TEU's + Silver Bullet = 1 IT Person

A Complete Freight Forwarding System

Freight forwarder software with incomplete functionality forces forwarders and NVOCCs to work around their software as opposed to having their software work for them. Often, these workarounds can lead to complexity and errors.  Silver Bullet Technologies offers a robust tool suite in every module that is comprehensive and covers almost all possible use cases. If a customer needs additional functionality, we'll create that functionality specifically for them.

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    Ship at port operating as part of trading logistics systems

    Freight Software Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Silver Bullet Technologies Integrates their Freight Software with Microsoft Dynamics GP for Blue Cargo The Background Blue Cargo, S.A. is the top freight forwarder in Colombia, handling 30,000 shipments last year and growing by 15% annually. Forwarders with licenses like Blue Cargo are called NVO ’s (Non Vessel Operating Common Carriers). While they are not … Read more

    The Future of Forwarding

    The Future of Forwarding White Paper Mid-sized freight forwarders are under the gun. They must broaden their service portfolios to meet the increasingly global service needs of customers. Affordable, state-of-the-art IT makes this possible. “Our biggest challenges are tracing freight, knowing where it is and tracking it,” says Wayne Martin, senior account manager at Global … Read more