3PL Warehouse Software (WMS)

WMS systems including modules for CFS and Bonded

Any transportation mode, any commodity, automated and flexible billing and accounting, additional modules for extended logistics operations (trucking, trans-load, yard, etc.).

About our WMS Software Module

Silver Bullet Technologies' WMS software module allows logistics service providers offering warehousing services to automate, track, and manage operations, customer service, and billing. Our various modules allow clients to license just our warehouse management software on a stand-alone basis, or to integrate our Yard, Trucking, and other modules for a more comprehensive solution. All of our modules work on top of a single database and integrate with any Tier 1 accounting system empowering our clients with simple, unified data management and financial control. Warehouse service providers can use our warehouse distribution and fulfillment software to store customer rates and automatically bill for services and storage. When coupled with our other modules, clients can produce combined invoices for trucking, yard, and warehousing services.

Designed to fit with your unique business process, Silver Bullet has built each module on top of a highly customizable platform that allows companies to customize the software with rules and processes at the customer, commodity, or item level. This includes the capacity to create handheld fields and processes for specific work orders. Finally, Silver Bullet Technologies provides support and service that has been recognized with awards from Microsoft. The same US-based team that creates our software supports your business, and is available for you anytime by phone or email with a turn around time of 24 hours.

Warehouse Software Solutions Overview:

  • Eliminate silos in your operation between trucking, warehouse, and yard: dashboards allow departments to share information and see changes in real-time.
  • Use the customization platform to tailor your processes for any customer, commodity or item.
  • When you add more sites, pay only for additional users and not for additional sites.
  • Choose from modules that automate: Forwarding, Yard, Trucking, In-land Ports, Import/Export, CFS, Drayage, Distribution, Bonded, Customs Exams.
  • Train users in under 4 hours – intuitive user interface
  • Highly flexible rules engine that accommodates any permutation of requirements.
  • Customer Portal for your customers to see their inventory, issue release orders, upload and download documents.
  • Full audit trail providing visibility of an inventory item from the inbound conveyance and documentation all the way through the outbound conveyance and documentation.

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    WMS System Functionality

    Our warehousing software module is designed for freight forwarders, NVOCC’s, importers, exporters, manufacturers, distributors, and 3PL providers. Silver Bullet Technologies WMS systems answer the need for warehouse management software that can manage import and export shipments comprehensively.

    User interface

    • Intuitive virtual documents interface for creation of Warehouse Receipts
    • Customer & Vendor Rate Tables allows flexible, rules driven pricing for each customer and vendor
    • Partial Withdrawal capability with complete cargo audit trail of Bill of Lading, Air Way Bill, Straight Bill, Loading Guide or Pick List
    • Partial Breakdown capability allowing cargo to be broken down from Pallets to boxes or combined into pallets from boxes without having to generate new warehouse receipt numbers.
    • Warehouse storage calculation by customer or goods type, rules driven by customer definition in our warehousing software
    • Inbound and outbound serial number tracking
    • Lot numbers
    • Intuitive Pick List and Delivery Order creation within your warehouse management software
    • Straight Bill of Lading creation, interface and control
    • Versatile bin definition and warehouse capacity management
    • Hazardous Class, Tracking Number, and PO Number by Line item
    • Multi-Warehouse enabled
    • Multiple units of measure
    • Label Generation and Bar Coding
    • Container Freight Station Functionality
      • Manage and track all container moves
      • Simple consolidation and auto create of Bills of Lading
      • Bill separate consignees with one party’s rates

    WMS Systems: Business partner integrations, XML and EDI

    • Warehouse Receipts linked easily to all Export Documents or Transportation Documents
    • Management of Warehouse Receipts for other Freight Forwarders

    Warehousing Software: Financial Accounting integration

    • Tracking of Collect Inland Freight Payments
    • Work Order integration, Billing and tracking per Warehouse Receipt
      • Warehouse Log
      • Warehouse Log Report by Customer
      • Warehouse Inventory
      • Warehouse Inventory by Customer
      • Warehouse Storage
      • Warehouse Consignee Unknown
      • Warehouse Free Time Report
      • Warehouse Incomplete or Damaged Report
      • Customer Volume Reports
    • Multi-currency billing
    • Invoicing with value added service and task rate table management for discrete customer billing
    • Web available Reports
    • Full integration with existing back office financial system
    • Profitability Reports

    Questions for Warehouse Operators and Container Freight Stations


    • Are you working to capacity but missing growth opportunities?
    • Are you adding new business or just holding on to current customers?
    • Would automated arrival and dispatch alerts to your customers improve your service proposition?
    • Is your team wasting precious time building spreadsheets instead of customer relationships?
    • Can you profitably meet customer demands for special handling?


    • Data mining for any purpose in your company should be done by your system, not your people. We make it instant, accurate and available for use in report formats that you demand.
    • Automated alert management sends status variances to related parties in any form; text message, email, fax, and more.
    • Rate invoices automatically, maintain different rates for each customer and eliminate wasteful, error-prone spreadsheet work.
    • Schedule, track, confirm and invoice special handling tasks in your warehouse. Capture lost revenue and improve efficiencies with this automated management function.

    Our WMS system can integrate with our other modules to support all of your logistics operations needs on one database and in one user-friendly, intuitive, easy to use system

    All modules can manage temperature controlled freight

    The warehouse is a core segment of the supply chain and a central hub for many types of shipments. It's common for companies offering warehouse services to encounter new opportunities to expand into related logistics operations to better serve customers and grow their business. Our modular system was designed to empower companies with the option to expand into trucking/drayage, yard management, import/export, and more without having to string together different software solutions that integrate poorly and cost a lot to maintain.



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      Why choose Silver Bullet?

      • Industry leading customer service and support
      • Easy to customize WMS software that can contain all necessary and desired functionality
      • Modular solutions that support related logistics operations
      • Powerful and efficient software design (empowering a top NVO to handle over 100,000 TEU's annually with an IT army of... one person).
      • Expertly integrated accounting and financials