Import Software

For Air, Ocean & Trucking

We provide a module to automate imports - inbound shipment handling and control - with Ocean, Air and Trucking carriers.

Our software for importers allows for effective management of trading partners, transportation vendors, and compliance obligations.

Intuitive user interfaces coupled with extensively configurable work flows provide an automated business process that precisely matches your operations.  Compliance processes are integrated with local agencies and business partners providing real time transaction management.

Import User Interface

  • Simple user interface for Shipment Creation with drop-downs for data population and entry by freight forwarders
  • Required fields and required costs are configurable by Administrator in the software
  • Consolidation / Deconsolidation
  • User Definable Billing Codes and Reason Codes
  • Easy Customer Rate Definition Tables
  • Rules for Billing Codes
  • User Definable Supply Chain Event Definition and Tracking
  • User Definable Business Process Event Definition and Tracking
  • Shipment, House, and Container Level Events
  • Supply Chain Event Entry
  • Supply Chain Event Dashboard

Business partner integrations, EDI and XML

  • Tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook for easy email functionality
  • Automated Arrival Notice generation
  • Delivery Order to Trucker generation
  • Pre-defined table of ports, cities, carriers
  • Invoice Generation for Consignee, Customer, Notify Party, Shipper, or Other Party
  • User Definable Status Report for Customers convertible to Excel for easy delivery to customer by your logistics company

Financial Accounting Integration

  • Payables & Receivables Management integrated with Microsoft Accounting Platform
  • Profit & Loss Per File
  • 3 levels of hierarchy for Profit & Loss Analysis and segmentation
  • Payables, Master, House and Container, PO and Item data together with all of the supply chain events and status are displayed on one screen
  • Complete Audit Trail for every document on what user changed what field on what date
  • Delivery Order to Steamship Line generation
  • Estimates for payables and receivables
  • Accrual Accounting
  • User Definable Status Report for Customers convertible to Excel for easy delivery to customer
  • OPTIONALLY integrate with supply chain visibility platform via XML/EDI
  • OPTIONALLY integrate Invoicing via XML/EDI with customers
  • OPTIONALLY integrate Origin Shipment date via XML/EDI

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