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About our container loading calculator

Our container calculator is part of our load optimization software module. This software functionality helps to create a container loading plan - a 3D rendering which calculates the best way in which to arrange cargo inside a container in order to optimize the space. Using the 3D model, container packing becomes easy for warehouse, yard, trucking and other personnel who can follow the visual 3D model to create the most efficient arrangement inside the vessel, railcar, truck, or aircraft.

The 3D model can be shared with any employee or partner to coordinate efforts involving the shipment. This allows for organized consolidation and de-consolidation, or packing and unpacking.

Additionally, our container stuffing calculator can accommodate dangerous, fragile, and oversized goods. Often, these items need to be stuffed in special locations. Users are able to label these goods in our software to then customize their position inside the container.

The application works by receiving user input on the type, width, height, length, and weight of each unit of cargo. Based on whether the cargo will sit on top of a pallet or directly on the container, the most optimal arrangement is quickly calculated. Users can then modify the output to match their specific requirements.

The following is an example of the container space calculator output. On the left hand side is a list of all units of cargo, any relevant descriptions, and it's size and weight properties. On the right hand side is a visual rendering of the container space and how cargo can be stuffed optimally.

load planning software user interface showing allocation of space in container in SBT freight management systems

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