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Software for freight forwarders managing project forwarding

When project freight customers demand real time event visibility and financial controls... your logistics software delivers. The Silver Bullet suite of software for freight forwarders is the only freight forwarding software solution that includes the ability to budget, track and
analyze a complete forwarding Project.  The Project Forwarding software module is
used by forwarders that specialize in managing the logistics, planning and
shipping solutions for oil and gas, mining, aerospace, store development
services, construction and other projects in various industries.

Silver Bullet's Project Forwarding software for freight forwarders allows forwarders to
easily manage multi-sourced projects for remote locations and carefully
manage budget, costs, and revenue in order to ensure profitability.  Users
can easily setup alerts to any stake holders to pro-actively manage
milestones and budget.

There are distinct requirements for effectively processing Project Forwarding transactions. This module has the flexibility to precisely manage the unique work flow that your company uses for industry specific projects.

  • Define a project
  • Quote a project
  • Define a project budget
  • Perform project variance analysis
  • Report on consolidated project shipments
  • Move and manage freight at line item detail level.
  • Track freight from origin to destination in real time
  • Set alerts that respond automatically to deviations from project plans in real time
  • Analyze landed costs at line item detail level
  • Operations transactions drive AP and AR entries through to integrated accounting systems from Microsoft in real time

Managing large projects requires managing each shipment that comprises the project and simultaneously managing the project in its entirety.  Just one shipment can impact a project timeline and profitability. With the Silver Bullet's software for freight forwarders, logistics companies can mitigate the impact of unpredictable events and help their clients make tactical decisions that are necessary to deliver a successful project. 

All of our software for freight forwarders includes carefully designed functionality to benefit enterprise level logistics companies

Any business developing software for freight forwarders must understand the forwarding process and logistics industry inside and out. Our team of developers has deep industry expertise. We develop our software based on requests from clients and the requirements of leading logistics companies. As a result, our freight forwarding software comes with leading-edge solutions that are intuitive, customizable, and scalable. If you're considering an upgrade to your freight forwarding software, have a look at our import software and export software solutions.

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