Questions for Centralized Exam Stations

Logistics Management Solutions


  • Are you working to capacity but cannot add resources?
  • Can you add new support personnel and train them quickly?
  • Can your systems manage “IN GATE” and “OUT GATE” events and communicate with carriers?
  • Is your team spending precious time struggling with “per diems”?
  • How well can you track “reefer” status? Can you do better than a clipboard and check list?


  • Data mining for any purpose in your company should be done by your system, not your people. We make it instant, accurate and available for use in report formats that you demand.
  • Yard movement that is not monitored correctly has a cost. Use technology to process and communicate “IN GATE” and “OUT GATE” data to carriers.
  • Do more for customers by expertly and instantly managing the “Per Diem” process. Automated alerts empower you to save money for customers.
  • Electronically integrate your Yard activity with your CFS, bonded 3PL, Trucking and Exam station. Data sharing is the key to superior customer service.

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