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Logistics management software

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Our logistics management software automates a variety of shipping operations

Silver Bullet Technologies provides logistics management software modules that automate and integrate the shipping operations of freight forwarders, NVO's, 3PLs, distributors and large companies managing freight internally.  Air, Ocean, Rail and Trucking transportation modes are supported, so with Silver Bullet, logistics companies can often rely on just one solution for their logistics management system needs.





Our solutions are transaction engines and decision support systems for processing and controlling quotation, booking, documentation, shipment, delivery, communication, compliance, customer service, accounting, management and reporting responsibilities. They offer an intuitive, easy to navigate interface that allows team members to learn the system quickly and process operations efficiently.

Our typical clients handle large volumes of freight

The Silver Bullet logistics management software modules are designed specifically for international logistics service providers handling large volumes of freight. This includes freight forwarders, NVOCC's, 3PL’s, container freight stations, CES sites, importers, distributors, public warehouses and manufacturers.

Our logistics management systems are available as distinct modules including customizable WMS, Yard, Drayage, Transload software and more.   All modules now offer temperature controlled logistics functionality. The photo below illustrates some of the different shipping operations our logistics management software modules are able to automate.


We specifically designed our logistics management system for companies who value having the option to expand into new verticals. That's why our logistics management software is modular - it allows clients to start with only the modules they need, and expand if they encounter customer demand in a new vertical. Because all of our modules correspond with a single database, expansion into a new vertical can be an organized and easy to manage process. This is different than if a company were to try to string together different logistics management solutions, from different providers, across different segments of their business. Maintaining those integrations is often a costly, complex, and messy process and leads to less visibility and management capacity. The photo below illustrates our full suite of logistics management software modules that clients can choose from.

Logistics management software modules

Explanation of graphic:

Orange Modules: Modules in orange, in the first 2 rows, manage distinct logistics operations. If a company only needs the import and export modules for Ocean, that's all they need to purchase to get up and running with the Silver Bullet Technologies logistics management software system. If they expand and begin to offer 3PL services, they can add that module, and enjoy software designed specifically for logistics service providers managing large volume in several segments of the supply chain for several customers.

Blue Modules: Modules in blue offer additional functionality that supports those who need it. Often times, customers must rely on yet another vendor for these requirements. With our logistics management system, you only need one.

Silver Modules: Modules in silver allow for the streamlining and automation of common tasks and administrative procedures that used to be manual and therefore slow and error-prone. These modules reduce error, increase visibility and teamwork, and speed up vital operations processes.

Teal Modules: Finally, our module in teal represents any tier 1 accounting system We're award winning Gold Certified Partners with Microsoft and integrate with their world class ERP platforms, that said, we can integrate with any solution. We believe you deserve the best logistics management software and that the best logistics management software must integrate with the best accounting software to provide full benefit. As a result, instead of focusing our efforts on building an in-house accounting platform, we focused on building the very best logistics management system we could, and creating an incredible integration platform that allows our clients to also use the very best accounting systems on the market.

Logistics management software must be easy to customize

Logistics service providers benefit from a 'right sized' logistics management system when deploying just the software modules that are appropriate for their business. With Silver Bullet Technologies, these logistics modules are deployed according to their specific business software requirements. That means that their software can be either quickly configured or customized to meet the needs of specific customers. Because of this, our clients tend to have very happy customers. In addition to customizability, the Silver Bullet logistics software modules offer the most powerful and efficient logistics management system for advanced business process automation in this industry. These solutions first went into service for a top NVO in 2005 that handled over 100,000 TEU’s annually with an IT army of one person.

100,000 TEU's + Silver Bullet = 1 IT Person

Excellence in logistics management software requires superior data communication and management

By quickly establishing and expertly managing data interchanges with carriers, vendors, portals and clients across an entire logistics management system, Silver Bullet Technologies empowers customers to leverage shipment information in real time. Management can act strategically because the superior analysis capabilities of our logistics management software are supported with accurate, timely information that is displayed according to customer preferences. Automated business alerts eliminate audit chores and free client resources to focus on business development.

Retrieve, Process, and Store Information in Real-Time

Display Information According to Customer Preferences

Automate Business Alerts

The best logistics management software should seamlessly integrate with the best financial systems

The Silver Bullet logistics management software suite is fully integrated on a real time basis with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions and can integrate with other Tier 1 ERP solutions as well. This unique integration allows more transparent financial reporting with less work. Customers benefit from the best in class alternatives available from Microsoft Business Solutions which provide superior functionality, ease of use, support and affordability. The Silver Bullet integration with world class GAAP/IFRS certified financial accounting systems allows companies to reduce month end closing cycles, eliminate redundant data entry and reduce errors in financial reporting. Shipment accruals have been automated in Silver Bullet relieving accounting of this painstaking, error prone task. Whether your need is for freight forwarding software, 3PL, WMS or other related modules you will have the tools to manage, organize, understand and grow your business with our modular logistics management system.

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