Rate Management Module

Intermodal Software

Intermodal software with rate management

Rate Management is a critical task that can be effectively automated.  Improvements in efficiency are dramatic when manual billing audits to monitor customer rates are eliminated.

  • Link your invoices with your quotes and rest assured your customer is being billed according to expectation.
  • Make changes that are implemented systematically, according to your specifications.
  • Manage by exception where desired. Use alerts to keep rates from being changed outside a desired range.
  • Multi segment route handling and multi modal
  • Track business development effort with KPI’s such as “quote to book”
  • Log customer inquiries and track quoted items that were not purchased with reasons why the customer declined
  • Keep an audit trail of all changes so you know who and when something was changed in a rate or an invoice
  • Run KPI’s in the context you find meaningful: by location, by individual, by customer, by destination, etc.

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