Load Planning Module

Freight Management Systems

Freight Management Systems for Load Planning

Our load planning logistics software module integrates with Export and Warehouse to optimize and plan ocean container, air container, truck, and vessel loading and optimization for freight forwarders. This helps optimize shipping space in containers so logistics companies can make more profits.

Load parameters and constraints defined by the user enable this module to determine the optimal equipment required to transport the goods. A graphic depiction of the load will be made available that can be emailed to any trading or logistics partner. Our freight management systems will factor constraints such as vertical or horizontal loading.

  • Utilization optimization
  • Square ends
  • Axle weight calculation
  • Trailer Loader
  • Railcar Loader
  • Aircraft Loader
  • Stackability Manager
  • Weight computation
  • Dunnage computation
  • Compress Load
  • Priority Manager
  • Shipment Sequencing
  • HazMat Manager
  • Center of Gravity
  • Cylinders-cargo nesting
load planning software user interface showing allocation of space in container in SBT freight management systems

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