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Warehouse software designed for freight forwarders, NVOCC’s, importers and exporters that includes specialized international transportation management functionality.

SB Warehouse Software answers the need for a warehouse management system that can manage import and export shipments comprehensively.

Warehouse Management System:  User interface

  • Intuitive virtual documents interface for creation of Warehouse Receipts
  • Customer & Vendor Rate Tables allows flexible, rules driven pricing for each customer and vendor
  • Partial Withdrawal capability with complete cargo audit trail of Bill of Lading, Air Way Bill, Straight Bill, Loading Guide or Pick List
  • Partial Breakdown capability allowing cargo to be broken down from Pallets to boxes or combined into pallets from boxes without having to generate new warehouse receipt numbers.
  • Warehouse storage calculation by customer or goods type, rules driven by customer definition
  • Inbound and outbound serial number tracking
  • Lot numbers
  • Intuitive Pick List and Delivery Order creation
  • Straight Bill of Lading creation, interface and control
  • Versatile bin definition and warehouse capacity management
  • Hazardous Class, Tracking Number, and PO Number by Line item
  • Multi-Warehouse enabled
  • Multiple units of measure
  • Label Generation and Bar Coding
  • Container Freight Station Functionality
    • Manage and track all container moves
    • Simple consolidation and auto create of Bills of Lading
    • Bill separate consignees with one party’s rates

Supply Chain Management:  Business partner integrations, XML and EDI

  • Warehouse Receipts linked easily to all Export Documents or Transportation Documents
  • Management of Warehouse Receipts for other Freight Forwarders

Warehouse Software:  Financial Accounting integration

  • Tracking of Collect Inland Freight Payments
  • Work Order integration, Billing and tracking per Warehouse Receipt
    • Warehouse Log
    • Warehouse Log Report by Customer
    • Warehouse Inventory
    • Warehouse Inventory by Customer
    • Warehouse Storage
    • Warehouse Consignee Unknown
    • Warehouse Free Time Report
    • Warehouse Incomplete or Damaged Report
    • Customer Volume Reports
  • Multi-currency billing
  • Invoicing with value added service and task rate table management for discrete customer billing
  • Web available Reports
  • Full integration with existing back office financial system
  • Profitability Reports

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