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Transport software for transloads provides effective management of a complicated supply chain, securing profit and customer satisfaction.

Silver Bullet Technologies’ transload software offers specialized automation to serve unloading, handling and reloading particulars for a multitude of specialized industries that depend on multi-modal freight movements.  The added shipment handling and transfer operations are managed in real time protecting profitability and performance.

 Transload System Features:  For Import, Export & Domestic transportation

  • Track and manage all inbound and outbound trailers, rail cars and containers
  • Automatically create bills of lading
  • Track bonded and hazardous goods
  • Track and control per diem and demurrage costs instantly
  • Customer access to real time information with web tracking frees up warehouse worker time for billable services
  • Integrate processes with Import, Export, Yard and Harbour Trucking
  • Use rules and alerts to release goods according to pre-pay status or forwarder instructions
  • Record and track empty container pick up and return
  • Invoice by trailer, container or rail car
  • Read bar code labels
  • Rate invoices
  • Attach photos, e-mails and POD to the Transload file
  • Automate Import Transload
  • Automate Export  Transload

Transload Freight Software:  Business partner integrations including ASN’s, XML and EDI

  • Integrate carrier information on vessel and voyage
  • Integrate and manage cut-off dates and times

Transload Software:  Financial Accounting integration

  • Trans-load billing and expenses integrated with back office financials
  • Report on Transload financial performance



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