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Silver Bullet Technologies provides software modules that automate and integrate distinct portions of the business process for international freight intermediaries and large companies handling global cargo internally. Air, Ocean, Rail and Trucking transportation modes are supported. The solutions are transaction engines and decision support systems for processing and controlling quotation, documentation, communication, compliance, customer service, accounting, management and reporting responsibilities. Typical candidates for our software include international freight forwarders, 3 PL’s, NVOCC’s, container freight and exam stations, and large importers, distributors and manufacturers.

Clients deploy only the modules appropriate for their business benefiting from right sized functionality and configured according to their specific requirements. The Silver Bullet modules are the most powerful and efficient solutions for installing advanced core business process automation in this industry. Our solutions have already powered a top forwarder and NVO to expand market share to over 100,000 TEU’s with an IT army of one person.

By expertly managing data communications with vendors and clients across the business platform, Silver Bullet Technologies empowers customers with real time data retrieval, processing and storage. Management can act strategically because the superior analysis capabilities of the software are supported with accurate, timely information that is displayed according to customer preferences. Automated business alerts eliminate audit chores and free company resources to develop customer relationships.

The Silver Bullet solutions are fully integrated on real time basis with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. This unique integration allows greater flexibility and ease of use. Customers benefit from the best in class alternatives available from Microsoft Business Solutions which provide superior functionality, ease of use, support and affordability. With a world class GAAP certified corporate accounting system taking advantage of the unique Silver Bullet integration, companies are able to reduce month end closing cycles, eliminate redundant data entry and reduce errors in financial reporting.


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